New romance both lifts you up and crushes you at the same time, what do I mean by that.
what I mean is I wish I was a better man, but don’t get me wrong I am not saying I am evil like fritzl I am a kind hearted fool but not evil. I don’t know how to build a prison/dungeon

But I still want to be a better man it just can’t be helped romance just does that
Reads instructions on building a dungeons – oh screw that, way too much work.
Pours a drink (yep habits – want to be a better man) rolls a fag dang nab it I just have habits

New romance burns you but at the same time it turns you into some nymphomaniac 20 year old again
and that well feck it feels good, smiling for no reason like a loon but it can be majorly worrying when you have habits. Then there is my sarcasm and leg pulling, where are they gona fit in, how much can I get away with. Yes it is a concern.

Then there is that first date it’s like heaven with the coals of hell in your back pocket do you act all well behaved or a little mischievous. And that first Kiss Oh glorious first kiss ok maybe let’s not talk of that I am quite nervous enough, I have sparks of inspiration and minor depressions of am I good enough. Which brings me right back to being a better man it is hard this romance game and there are moments of guilt and moments that I just want to sing dance act like a loon in the face of any fear that can muster its panging hints in my mind – romance that is tough but sometimes it is not armour she wants but the softness underneath and an honest naked truth.

Right over and out

13 thoughts on “Romance”

  1. Romance is a bitch, very complex stuff, like juggling fire balloons! But it has a certain lovely pair producing the best poems around the blogosphere these days. You guys are too cute 😉

    1. I have to say this stuff is not planned it is just coming out when It wants to, much thanks for your comment- cute is good

  2. Bruce, I love where I am in my life, but hearing this makes me miss the good old days of first love. I am glad you are feeling it, and are free to write about it.

  3. there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little nervous – try not to think too much and enjoy. too many thoughts may ruin wonderful experiences… wish you all the best! 🙂

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