The Morning Tumble

Well this is it the last month of my thirties and that last day will be here all too soon
there has never been a year in my life where I have mulled over the past so much and philosophised the Oh feck it, it could be helped approach, so much
Technically the future does not exist and we always look into the past, it takes time to reach our eyes

So what funny witty thing can I muster at 4am in the morning, fresh contemporary love poetry I have decided to use my own words brain jar style today and nothing to flowery


I see you, your knickers
go, go around in
in this thing
like a tumble,
like a tumble drier

Or maybe this


Your eyes are like
the warmest
Starbucks coffee
to make my perking
morning rising bearable
but I only have 20p
in my pocket

This is the kind of thing that would see a Muller Lite being hurled from a short distance
luckily I am a master of flung yoghurt style

Or I have this


Oh dearest,
I have waited long
while you shower
in a near 100 degree
storm, just to see
the skin you hide
and skin you don’t
will you not, give all your
skin, just to me?

Or lastly as I am possibly already in trouble by now


Lady, I will
take your lumps,
bumps, thumps and snorts

lady, even your
tears, wails and moans
I will even take some
irrational fear

just realize
I am no seer

That’s the Brain Jar man saying over and out for now


9 thoughts on “The Morning Tumble”

  1. This is really great. I love the humour here (and the wistfullness too) and the segment on coffee is probably my favourite.

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