Waltz of Words



A poetry duet by Blue Girl & Bruce Ruston


My words pirouette
on the page, where I
lily guild my affections
and honey my language
up to levels of catch you cans


The letters dance as
bleeding ink spatters
colours merge and slowly turn
from abstract random pattern
to something new and beautiful


As an eagle, who is on the hunt
the height of the words
birthing in the morning flight
are invitational, in their presentation
a question bows an doffs it’s hat


The question opens up a door
to let a little light pour in
and words begin to spiral up
lifting on gentle currents
then soaring on the wing


The syrupy texture of wine
is poured to sooth the beating
words, into the calmness of
a soothing whisper and a
minor flirtation to the ear

The words are heavy soaked
and gentled to a flickering pulse
and in the warmth and
softening dark, the words
have lost all fear



I am in italic and this has been so much fun


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