Wana turn me on, Try science

wana turn me on
don’t wiggle your hips
don’t pout your lips
don’t lower your bust line

it takes 8 minutes for
sunlight to reach the earth
that’s 480 seconds

Wana turn me on
don’t wear that skimpy red number
high heels to die for, to encumber
my totality of utmost thinking

Earthquakes can be caused
by the shifts of the tectonic
plates, rubbing against one another

but please dear stop wearing that scent
that reminds me of all heaven sent
arch angels and the one called Satan
just don’t show me the lines end of a tan

My eyes don’t see the present
it takes time for light to reflect
off of any object

oh hell but I am undone in your eye’s
and my humor falters so and cries
for any kind of hard fact science
to hide my utmost true reliance

that if you wana turn me on
that my heartbeat is rising in decibels
and all sense has now just gone


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