Oh lord, I’m so Agnostic

Oh lord I don’t believe your there
I shake and scrape, this bloody air
a very good reason I’m agnostic
that good book sure is toxic

though I have heard your hymns
just as comfortable drinking Pimm’s
sometimes lord I don’t think you understand
but my church is here sipping and  can’d

I hear a poor girl’s pain I can’t reach her
not some righteous ole’ gospel teacher
O’ lord can you truly hear and comprehend
I’m still looking for a poor heart to mend

O’ how I have sewn my soul
beyond the all being get go


15 thoughts on “Oh lord, I’m so Agnostic”

    1. This non-christian likes that, I know Jesus is the way. it is just I see the historic Jesus the man not the myth a great philosopher rather than a divine aspect of God

  1. I’ve been known to say some rather colorful words to the Lord during my struggles through life, while He carried me even. But I never lost faith. Just cussed Him out like an angry child does sometimes.
    Dude, you wrote Him poem. That’s awesome!! 🙂

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