If I have missed out commenting and likening your blog
I have had a big day of transferring, deleting and creating blogs
maybe in that order or not, also I am still in the process of reconnecting with
your blogs. I dread the fact that I have missed some bloggers out while that is sad
there was not a way around it, you can only transfer the blog it seems 😦
my emails been a bit backlogged and everyone’s kind comments have doubled
and I am still in the process of going around lots of September haiku
Great thanks to the man who wants to call me the Doctor, due to the transformations since Saturday I think, little does he know I’m not just reading his poetry I am studying his form. I must admit I have hit lots of ruts in my writing starting a few months ago to be honest, I kind of stopped believing in it but in hindsight a lot of serious poets cannot write humour and a lot of humours poets can’t do serious that well it’s just the way we are  hardwired.
Thank you the most for the kind views, likes and comments on my new endeavour http://inkineticapoetry.wordpress.com

It is such a break from the wacky, zany showboating I’m used to, it could have completely bombed on the very first day although it may well still do your the judges. I’m just a part time word smith putting it out and taking a risk by breaking away from the things you have come to expect.

The real Bruce


14 thoughts on “Apologies”

    1. You are very kind to say so, I am my own worse critic always have been, but I can only see it through my eyes. sometimes the stuff I hate most is the stuff everyone else likes most 🙂

  1. Bruce, we like *you* and your poetry, whatever form it may take. Well I do, anyway, so write what you want, where you want and when you want, and I will read it, and I will like it, and I’m pretty damn sure so will everyone else 🙂 And have a virtual hug (whether you like it or not!) x

    1. Well I am glad and I am nearly caught up on my emails only 3 or 4 days behind 🙂 thanks for the hug this blog is pretty much fixed now which is good. its been quite a bit of work all these changes but I think I’m there now though it maybe time this blog had a new theme, but not today

  2. I second what Susan said. I read what I want and what I like– you and I to not demand that it be reciprocated. No stress.. and I think you rock. i already have you in my personal reader and I have updated you on my blogroll :o)
    so carry on sir and we shall follow no matter
    No apology necc. for me
    Audra– aka unfetteredbs( not ready to come out of the closet and brave like you)

    1. Thanks so kind, plus you just reminded me to get over to your blog and sign up again, maybe it is a good thin after all a spring clean of followers

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