My Guilty Pleasure


It is my guilty pleasure
to read the best poetry
but I oft’ feel the guilt
for writing my way

It’s not that I can’t write better
I just need the power of humour
to lift me from the drudge of life
It’s not that I don’t read uplifting stuff

But I just can’t help needing fun
in my world in my life, while I write
but I can but ponder on the breaths I take
would that I utter the words of my pleasure

I feel the rational emotion and compulsion
to feed my utmost demanding addiction
and maybe a rhyme or two
even like one will you

a little light verse an little free verse
and I am lost to my pleasure for a moment
maybe listening to Dylan as I go
through a fair few syllables

You don’t even have to like it
I write to sate my compulsion
its my guilty pleasure to continue
to do so, and smile along the way


11 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure”

    1. I guess your right I am very silly and I need Allison Grayhurst and Dean Barker or misfitsmiscellany to go to and yet they still choose to click my like buttons when they can, enough said

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