There’s some work to be done

Imagine two tables behind a bar
on two tables 4 computers
this week 1 more table to extend
with two more computers

Now behind this two more tables
and 4 more computers
and behind this a bench
and 5 more computers

Each job that slips adds
stress to the day
1 technician ill one on holiday
I have been shouted at 17 times
and the weeks not over

Last Friday I quit
in a volcano of rage
but the boss managed
to recap my lava flow

she said ‘ if you walk out’
‘ that’s you resignation’
I said ‘I’ll fucking take it’
and proceeded to unbutton
my shirt as I tanked  to my locker

I was re employed
3 min’s later
but there are
still two tables and one bench
of work leering at me
each time I make a space
another task sits down
to sneer

I really should have gone into admin


Well this should explain why I am a little touchy this week 🙂 and you should see the trolly with all the bookings to do 😦


11 thoughts on “There’s some work to be done”

  1. Ouch! Hope it gets easier somehow. Computers, so essential, yet so infuriating … and users … some of them would send the calmest person into an eruption. Can you tell I work with the users!?

    1. Sometime I think of ending a conversation with ‘well there’s always the box option, you stupid person’ at least I would go out in humor,which is my way 🙂

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, banana skin syndrome I’m gona have to remember that one and use it later. Now if I could just work out how to use it as an excuse to have a day off work. I am also thinking of using the black plague as a sickness call, but there are believability issues to work out 🙂

    1. Somehow I don’t think it would help not in a period of high unemployment, but I have asked to be sacked twice and quit once now seems they actually want to kind of keep me but on their terms

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