This lust has happened before
in another bedsit 1998
I believe
9 months later
I saw a little man arrive
we called him
Arron, he came out caught in the cord
they say that should have been
the happiest day of my life
but it wasn’t
later we had another
more laid back personality
we called him David
He beamed so bright
I made the mistake of
making him my favourite
which ended in another
witless argument
so I’ll not let bedsit lust
leave me in a Mondeo in car park
full of all my shit
thinking what I’m going
to say to my boss
a difficult conversation
But I can’t help lust
I’m gona turn
40 and I don’t want
to spend that night alone
so I am writing this
personal warning


7 thoughts on “Warning”

  1. Aww Ian/Bruce – hugs. Hope you don’t have to spend the night alone. And you know there are ways to avoid stuff happening 9 months later, right?! (11 months till I hit that milestone myself – don’t want to be alone either)

    1. I hit it on Oct 25th not looking forward to it to be honest I will quite possibly write something called ‘so long my thirties and thanks for all the beers’ – such is my way

      1. Ha I’m precisely 9 months behind you. Quite poetic 🙂 You’ve always got us other WP poets to keep you company if nothing else

  2. I don’t know what to say Ian …that poem is so sad, it made me cry. I was okay with forty but I hated fifty and now my next big one is next year and II shall be sixty and I am dreading that! You won’t be alone we will all be thinking of you! 😉 , throw a party throw a tantrum invite your mates but as Blue Girl says remember the durex!!!!! 😉

    1. And there was me planing to drink JD and coke under my duvet with a sign up saying ‘MrBruce is not in right now, please leave a message’ or ‘this is the day that is not happening’ 🙂

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