The Androids Circuits Cried

The android cried a river. It grew to lake
His life artificial. But was his soul a fake?
We made android all he could be
then told him “You’re not as real as me”.

Then we wondered why he cried,
and his logic circuits fried.
Thus enslaved in our spite,
because we always had the right.

Years passed, now, since our race had gone,
but we’ll be remembered in their song.
The world in hands better placed.
In our extinction, we are replaced.



I haven’t written anything today :~( I actually can’t think of anything at the moment


6 thoughts on “The Androids Circuits Cried”

      1. Yeah me too. A little ashamed to admit it but I like the theatrical cut with the voice-over the best. Something about Ford’s weary tone/film noir feel that did it for me, that or that’s the way I first saw it so it stays with me as the best. I’m sure you’ve heard that Sir Ridley is revisiting the BR universe in some kind of sequel, we shall see how that holds up.

      2. I am a big Philip k dick fan I used to own a vast amount of his books like Valis and ubik but lost them in a house move 😦 funny Do androids dream of electric sheep was only an Ok read, however the man in the high castle is vastly superior

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