Today is Tomorrow

Oh sinister sun in the sky tonight
Where is the moon, has it gone on strike.
If it will not ever tonight rise
What will happen to the tides?

Are the fish in the sea to lose their bearings?
To drive themselves onto shores in striving’s
To bring an end to there very collected being
And what are these events that eyes are stealing.

Tomorrow has surly come upon us
And this disaster is evenly thrust.
A coming of the end to this earthly core
And end to everyday household chore.

But if today is tomorrow, which may never come
What will I do about all those tasks I have not begun?
Oh bitter betrayal of mist and memories plot
We have undone ourselves and misplaced our slot.

So now in what heavens may we dwell
Or other places are we left to be well.
Organised to this untimely slaughter
So now to Saint Peter we will porter.


Sits well with the current theme


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