Man on the hill

I sit around the tufts of hair
escaping from my head
but with no better place to go
I watch calmly, my home town burning
Funny once I hoped for it
but now the stench makes me gag
I wonder if I’m the last man standing
but it’s too dangerous to find out
I will have to wait for the right time
It could be I’ve gone insane
but there’s no one to diagnose anymore
I remember where I was when
other significant events happened
but there was no news of this
only a night of the brightest stars
before the fires started
Tesco, Asda and the local shops
were the first to fall
like some script or television disaster
it’s just here all the cars are undead
none of them fit for purpose
we even had helicopters crashes
and an old Cessna failing to miss
the hospital, not sure if that’s ironic
or just damned unfortunate
One last smirk, ‘be careful what you wish for’
I mutter behind the cloth covering my
mouth and nose

I guess I am an orphan now?



A follow on from Solar Storm




10 thoughts on “Man on the hill”

    1. Yes for some reason it is, I killed (in my head) 90% of the population as I wrote this. But really I wanted a little balance of poetry on the blog you can’t be funny all the time. Plus not every one wants funny all the time and I would like it to be a well rounded blog

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