Don’t you just hate some email

Dear ianmoone,

The automatic renewal of your Premium Membership has failed due to a problem with your credit card/bank account. We have asked you to update your payment details in order to settle your account. Unfortunately, we are yet to receive payment from your credit card/bank account.

As there is a valid contract between you and be2, we will now take legal measures and hand this over to our collection agency. This may affect your credit rating.

If you have any questions or are having difficulties paying this invoice, please contact us immediately by writing to our customer service team.

My now angry reply

To billing at be2
tis good to think so

That we have a contract
but I thought I would counter act
tis only that I never agreed
to amass to you growing greed
in fact I humbly come here to plead
with the utmost wantonly beseech
that is you that have breached
My utmost human right to keep my funds
where they are need most near my thumbs
And finally I say fuck right off
and at your email I do scoff

P.S your emailing a brain in a jar
good luck with the follow up



they have already ripped me off for £155 and here is a word I don’t often use Wankers
and they now threaten me for more- no go


15 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate some email”

  1. A second reply to their reply went as such

    Dear Jeremy

    Bring it on

    I’m broke thanks to the last time I dealt with your company and had to get a overdraft thanks to your company reliving me of all my food money. Do you know what two weeks on noodle’s tastes like. I will tell you like cardboard but then I guess you eat well and sleep at night, How nice for you!

    I will fight on the beaches,
    I will fight on the landing grounds,
    I will fight in the fields and in the streets,
    I will fight in the hills;
    I will never surrender

    no not a penny nor a shilling
    so let it go I’m just not willing
    to give in or to overly surrender
    be it man or woman send her

    You’ll get nought I’m broke


    Brain In a jar

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