Klingon Poetry

OK so I almost got something for everyone going on today

So I am going to finish  with some Klingon Poetry from a site I have just found

so Klingon poetry and translation


tajpe’ joj ‘oy’wI’Daq

boS yabwImey

legh choSmeyDaq

nuqDaq Hon e’be’ pa’

Qoy ghoghmey tun

retlh HeH yabmey

ghIH nuqDaqvIpbe’


Torn between pains,

the gathering of my mind,

seeing shadows move,

which aren’t there.

Hear the voices whispering

along the edge of minds

coming out of nowhere.


8 thoughts on “Klingon Poetry”

  1. Occasionally answer a friend’s emails in Klingon–makes him work ! (Of course, I usually have to back into my answer: find the word/phrase and structure my retort around it).

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