This one is about me, after we challenged each other to write in the others style, I think it is really good and I am glad to have read it again

Harmfulsweets's Blog

   I’ve been sitting at this bar for too long.
Too certain, my exit will not retain
the same elegance – the same steady steps,
as my introduction to the doors. Balance
has shifted into the favor of all things unstable.
Unable to focus
I think my drink is empty             again
closing my eyes
Maybe a cigarette   
I let my thoughts spin re-trace our conversation
and your face.

I should’ve told you,
I should have surrendered
myself to your mouth and
mentioned LoveevoL

I held the word hostage, in the wilderness lost
Where you and no moon in the sky  could ever find it.   
Selfish! The word you threw at me when I threw you out.
Coward! grazing my cheek I didnt realize we’d be drawing blood             
making me late to react. 
Slapping your face, screaming HATE watching you go

Freeze frame   Now move…

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