My sodding nation


My sodding nation
lies in utmost relation
to its entire retaliation
and I have a realisation

That existentially speaking
I am given to meeking
and others may be freaking
but I’m generally free thinking

I can’t break free from the anticipation
of my ever creaking sodding nation
hell I’m even rhyming in rotation
like a pig on a rotisserie on location

some might say I’m talking anarchy
and for that I’m thanking thee
wake up, try the water and see
all this tax’d out grotesque puppetry

The pig never got with the frog on the Muppets
lets just face it, we can’t compete with capitalists


8 thoughts on “My sodding nation”

  1. This is definitely a favourite. And it has a hip-hop rhythm which makes it even more delicious.

    And, of course, there’s that muppet thing again.

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