E Mag a Mad


I’m e mag a mad
I’m slinking
and bad
e mag a mad
a boy gone wide
slinky like toy
f mad a mag
a coo coo ker choo
scatman blating
and bler bler blasting
made up sounds
hmmm vocal
e mag a mad
a boy gone wide
slightly roasted
a silver ring
drum beat
E coolin’
with a lack
of schoolin’
in a climate
of rigid

no one really learns
like that

just count you’re


7 thoughts on “E Mag a Mad”

    1. Yeah like a song, I wrote while listening to ‘I’m in the mood for love’, I always tap my ring to the beat on my desk. Glad you enjoyed it

  1. this is a cool run-on-lines poetry and very contemporary and experimental in approach…there is a relief of reading over and over, i felt like a child coming to my toys again and again 🙂 i look forward to more like this 🙂 thanks Ian for sharing your unique talent in writing! I’m just so thrilled at this! 🙂

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