Between right and wrong

There I was
Captain wrong
and private right
Captain wrong
private right
there I was
wrong and right
private right
was to my left
captain wrong
to my right
but where to go
to the left or right
between right
and wrong
but the right was dead
and wrong was living
there I was

Either way I was
stuck dumb
no opinion
could I utter

Stuck in the
cusp of a question
should I revive the right

Or fear being struck
by wrong

so I ran
from the side
of right
and away fast
from wrong

Who was so wrong


12 thoughts on “Between right and wrong”

  1. Ian,
    I really enjoyed the wordplay here. I find it interesting that, at least in this scenario, wrong out ranks right.
    I liked the lines
    “private right
    was to my left”

    And I like that the last line can have more than one meaning!

    Nicely done!


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