It is in the supermarket
that I meet them
the going left strangers
and the going right strangers

I meet the no after you
people too, just pick a
direction and stick to it

I go left you go left
I go right you go right
it is just maddening

I just came here for
12 minute noodles
not to dance
nor canoodle

On seconds thoughts
I would shop for that
if it was a BOGOF

and the next time
the same
I go left you go left
I go right you go right
for fuck sake we
danced this last week
hey next Thursday
salsa, you alright
gone a bit pale

you heard what I said
Salsa, no not that desperate
well are you middle classed?





10 thoughts on “Supermarkets”

  1. haha This is why I wear my head phones and sing (to myself not loudly) in the supermarket. I feel if they think im the crazy one it will diffuse their crazy and they will leave me alone. It normally works but they have been hiring a lot of little hot guys as of late, and now i have the rep as the crazy singing guy. Oh well at least people dont stand under and over me while Im trying to decide. Love this

    1. Sounds like you have a better time shopping than I do, I end up weaving and maneuvering my hand basket a lot

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