Darwin’s Island Paradise

My devious marsupial,
Your young kept in a pouch sewn to your hide.
By Darwin's daughter, spiriting natural selections grasp
Chooses which thread is best.
While Darwin's father,
Would paint spiders with warnings, to all travelers who pass.
Removing legs from lizards to labels them snakes.
Darwin, scholar of natural redress.
With framework for all, wonders the outcome,
If the apple tree hadn't grown in Eden’s Garden.
Then listening to ants play violins into the night.
While monkeys juggle and ride unicycles, in palm leaf tents
Adam and Eve arrive, both prototype and flawed
They bring gift of a box from Pandora.
Opened to show, Trojan horses packed like Russian dolls.
Flamingo's pass to drop their legs; Darwin uses them like sticks,
To start a fire, with a lighter made from the skin of a frog.
Adam sits to roast marshmallows, passing a hip flask of rum.
A song you cry! The ants strikes up a tune,
“o my darling, o my darling”.
Drifts in the night, hip flask goes one more round.
Another song is sung to keep out the chill,
A lion strolls by and asks to keep the noise down
As hyena's laugh in to their hats, the fire roars on to shame a tiger.
This is paradise after all.


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