Playing with Moon shadows

That white blue face, cratered, looks upon
my shadowed form as I step from the door
for a cigarette – or two, haven’t decided
I play with Moon shadows for a bit
shifting the weight from one foot to the other
thinking – I don’t know what love is, did I ever?
I’ve grown up and want to taste the word
lick and dissolve in its hold on people

O’ Moon we share the thought
we know what lust and addiction
are – saluting my friend above
with whiskey shots and shifting
the shadows again

Rat arsed for sure, swaying in a rare storm– screaming at God
“Fuck you, if your punishing me again, leaving me here unworthy an alone”
Rain growing harder and impersonal lighting
Forked like that original snake in myth, whispering of sin
Tingeing my smell – ozone, burnt earth – hope of being struck
That was the last time I spoke to God, I don’t understand what he is, did I ever?

Somehow I am shunted back to where the Fuck You began
at first limbo’d then surrounded by everyday psychologist people
I think their healing me, these banal objects of the crowd
One here will surely teach me what the word love means
It’s just a word I don’t understand, did I ever?
While I smoke cigarettes under the cratered Moon
my night given friend and smoking companion

O’ Moon we know each other better than any
as I drop my sacrifice to the Earth, as once was practiced
by Roman soldiers, who stood outside playing with their Moon shadows
when I’m sober you will have retreated from the browsing
of another day, another Sun and I will smile and wait
for another cloudless night to see my Moon again


I was actually looking for something happier and more inspirational from my back catalog, I have apparently lost what I was looking for.
This is an angry shouting poem instead


4 thoughts on “Playing with Moon shadows”

  1. I like the angry shouting, Ian. Sighng wistfully, not at the mention of love, or the moon, but the thought of a cigarette or 2, on my second day of quitting 🙂 Shame on me, such an addict!

    Do so enjoy where you are tasting, licking and dissolving love’s hold on people–brilliant.

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