Funny Old Game

Funny Old Game

‘Football is a funny old game, I think to myself

As I watch the game unfold,

      A game like no other’

For a start having lost the other, to a panther claw

We are forced to play, with a rugby ball

And with amusement that this does create

Damn they missed that shot, way to late

With cheaters up front, an elephant at the rear

I think we will lose, that is my fear

So bring up the monkeys, and rush the middle

Offside, Ref! You’re on the fiddle.

We would have done better, with laurel and hardy

After this match, there won’t be a party

And who put Chaplin in defense

Everyone knows he plays best in offense

Maybe we should put an ape up front

He can scare them with roars and grunt.

I cannot watch, I cannot stay

After all these fools can’t play.

Come on crowd lets have a song

“Come on now, play that ball long”.

Let us then rouse the team

They seem to be in a dream

YES! Finally we have scored

Of course this is team I adored.

I only insult them to get some action

OK, hit me, if that’s your reaction.

So now as the game comes to an ends

With red card, the Ref, a player sends,

Off, the score one – nil.

So bring out the wine

We will play better next time


Because it is football season here, I will throw this last one in just for giggles 🙂


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