The Old Mini

The old Mini, Riley or Hornet
were never good cars
likely to rust, along the sills
or in the doors

But they are iconic
and still maintain the mantel
of character, even rusting

Austin, Morris
produced guises in their times
British Leyland tried with the
Metro, just not the same

All my Mini’s are lost
to history, past lives
past girlfriends, who name their cars!

I’ll not buy another, now their collector
pieces, expensive to buy
to restore

But I will get another girlfriend
and smile when I learn
what name she gives her car

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2 thoughts on “The Old Mini”

  1. We had a mark 1 mini 1967 it was our first car or as my other half has just said “the first car I had of my own” see mention the mini and he goes all possessive! It was an ex police car and so was an unusual shade of blue and three holes on the roof that had been filled in but they still showed up! the three holes … for the POLICE sign and a blue light. I think he spent more time under it than in it but we do have happy memories of it including driving all round Scotland ……………… happy days

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