Life’s little song

A red rose glistens from a hint
of water spray, now shining
with its partner twined

Sharing an old red pot
faded with aged use,
the soil is a careful collection

The rose’s are young
gleeful an sprite,
strong stems abide them

A Bee lands on a perfect petal
paying it homage for attraction,
your scent a primal urge

Two roses seen in harmony
and framed in innocents,
upon the worldly table

A deep voice sings
of loneliness,
there are two chairs

But one is empty
and the roses require,
more ears to enjoy this chorus


4 thoughts on “Life’s little song”

    1. You are very kind, in my head often there will be at the moment Bukowski – Blue bird, a radio with guts. Walt Whitman thanks to another good blogger, Shelly. Apart from that I read almost anything I can find on the internet, I think Bukowski has had the biggest impact I’m just uncomfortable with my drunks and drums piece. It made me wince three times

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