Life is a blast

Life is a blast
and suicide last’s
shorter, than a life lived
but what’s behind that corner
want to find out – don’t slit your wrist
take in life’s twists
Life’s a blast no one getting out alive

Your mobile solution leaves you grieving
for a working resolution
to your tariff’d woes
and to the people you know
you aren’t talkin – but you have
one hundred free minuets
set aside to discuss your suicide

Take a knife or piece of glass
a cowards way, not across
but upwards along the forearm
that is the way to make it count
no repeats from that cut

But me I’m gona try the longest
way to kill a man or the quickest
way to a maddened way
my heart won’t break it
just pumps blood to my
resolute thinking device

Thinking that life’s lessons
are the lies we live by
to say, hey at least I don’t live that way
too much – I hope
but really one does live in that lesson
But it seems that the knife is not as sharp as my tongue
said the elephant to the hippo – hey go long


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