I New White Knights of Digital Kingdoms

Have you backed up? mi lord o’ genteel user
your files and most of all your pictures
of us the pleasure group, clowning pub bound

Is your virus protection fully installed my bonnie lass
But worry not I am skilled in routing such an invasion
let me joust your fault away, with watchmakers screwdriver

0’ to the pauper fool, free software can lead
you wide open to a frustrating night a tap tap tapping
Tarry no further and yell my learning, I’ll have you wifi’d
in but a jiffy but will tut at your models choice

O’ to the liar lot, of media photo shoppin’
a body shot your magic torn, when all can see
the original frame on a Blog or two
and to you the Judge I tip my hat
and smile smirk

and conceal the fact, that I am on twitter


2011 just some sillyness for this morning


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