Burning in the Dark

There are no more candles
Burning to remove the dark.
No more restaurants to dine in
Just two chairs left empty,
And one orchid will perish
In a red pot vase
Standing silent on the table.

My hand is just one
On a walk.
The bed seems bigger
Somehow as I choose
Which side to always sleep.

The duvet and sheets
That you gave me
Are cold and empty.
And no longer a conquest
In the evening rest,
They now only say
“I am just yours”.

The pillows have no scent
Now, they are just plain.
The room is too quiet,
And the shaving mirror only
Knows me.

This year’s calendar is just
A harsh device now,
It hangs on the wall
To tell me how long
It has been since I shared.

I will sit in the chair
Now to hide the absence
Of another. I will buy
Another orchid to place
in the red pot vase.


Bruce Ruston 2004


8 thoughts on “Burning in the Dark”

  1. you transmitted the emotion of this time perfectly, your words went beyond words and became artist using my imagination as their canvas. This truly is art sir, thank you for sharing.

  2. This such a knowing post, you must of been there! II hope things are better with you now! Brilliant! ….. BTW you ulta Ego Ian Moone’s post the wiggmore news is coming up page not found!! ….Again a really really good poem!

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