‘Outrage and conspiracy … are the offspring of distress and want of employment … fostered and rendered formidable by nothing but the want of trade’

Earl Fitzwilliam

Let us not have George or Edward
No let us not have Queen
No more heads of state
No more sinkerballs.

Let us instead have Republic to rule us all.

The Queen has gone.


Take our Queen

And bless us with Republic.

The Republic is dead; God save the Republic.
Our government gave tillage to rule her soils
While bartering pastures tarry not.

Let us cut the strings.

Save these puppets not

Come have a Republic state.

What childish curs sit

On noble benches?

            Castlereagh, Sidmouth or Eldon’s?

Not knowing the taste of soup.

Never in sight of a penny,
Or the sound of change

In a pocket borough,

Everything now plastic bought.

Indulge in old Sabre strewn slashes
They would have us cutpurse.

“I shall make your king a little man for this,”

Benjamin Franklin

v.1.2  2004

I was saying yesturday  this maybe as polictical as I get but it came out angry


6 thoughts on “Republic”

    1. I was reading The Mask of Anarchy, at the time. I borrowed the names from him, as he borrowed from the real people. I have since lost that blue book of Shelly’s poetry – drat 🙂

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