// my first program for lust

// my first program for lust


#include <a Somerset lass>

using namespace std;


int main (White Wine)


cout << “Experiment!”;

return 0;



4 thoughts on “// my first program for lust”

  1. Thanks I been playing around with somethings ever since I wrote bears and frustrations, I just thought what happens if I combined java or c++. I sort of like it but I am a little unsure at the mo

  2. I love playing with poetry like this, even though I need explanation for the C++ aspect since I dropped the course on it as fast as I could on my third year (I’m so bad with rules that tell me how to express, apparently).

    This reminds me, I wish the wordpress post editor would allow me to play with space more freely. It seems to contract the space I purposely place between words and punctuation.

    1. Actully I havent done c++ for years and that was only an indroduction and Java I have only done a year and my notes are elsewhere. I’m with you on the space thing

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