Mor doors Party

We don’t invite wraiths to parties now
not  after they slammed mor doors
than was good for us
and the time, three of them
got a bit zealous
with Frodo, left a bit of a sting
in his shoulder

Aragorn and Gimli
all smoking that leaf
called Gandalf grace

All are agreed that Bilbo’s
party piece was in the spirit
of great magicians

And yes in the end, I got shamelessly
Legolas(s) tis a very bad hobbit


9 thoughts on “Mor doors Party”

  1. Thanks, I have the books plus the hobbit and the lays of Beleriand, I had more but they got lost also a great fan of King Authur and Merlin. You may see the odd pointing to the greek tales, but not to many 🙂

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