A Parent’s Lament

Don’t go son, out of a father’s ear’s catch
Or some stranger of you will surely snatch
So please stay glued to this grassy patch.

You think it is I, which to you lied
Well it is you, who will be surprised
When to a strangers demur that belies.

The evil intent, in their damaged mind
And what grim harm you would find
With no mercy ever to be so inclined.

But once you snuck out after dark
Surely heading away for that park
You must have thought it was a lark.

So now this parent is disgraced
Because of you, he did misplace
And around the block panic raced.

Till then the police, of me did accost
To ask me if a little man was lost
With a reception, close kin to frost.

What can I say it was just the fault of me
Sorting out child two, the bolt was left free
And that clever child one, eloped did he.

But bloody glad to have him back
When finished having heart attack,
But in punishment he had no snack.

Straight to bed, no stair did he touch
Carried bodily but not crying as such
Wondering why, we fussed so much.

So this is every parents lament
A child with such devilish intent
When he’s older he will relent.

When he himself has a child in time
And such wry revenge will be mine.



7 thoughts on “A Parent’s Lament”

  1. That is so wonderful, do you have children, I have brought up three boys all grown and flown! You have caught the facts beautifully ! “When he himself has a child in time And such wry revenge will be mine.” None of them have produced any progeny yet!….shits!!

    1. I remember 10 and 13 just! mine are now 38, 36 and 29 !! Too late to hold up the time keeping card.. and as they no longer live at home it would be even more pointless!! Good luck!! 😉 xx

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