dis respect – A fictional meeting

In class

I wrote

‘Let me phone my heart
I think we have a miscommunication
let me email my lawyer
about this misrepresentation’

Apparently I am to blame

When all I said was…

“When devising comedy into a poem one must above all things, get the timing right”

“Get out, Get out, this is for serious writing” he replied

“Well then surely, I am in the right place, it is you who does not take Light verse serious,
But I make a valid point” ย ย when I say

‘When going to the ATM, one must be aware of misdirection,
and you must not let the magician, steal your PIN number’

I swear ten hues of red, flushed on his face
But not one excuse, could be made
to eject me from this gathering place
I am forgiven, and heaven saved

and all are now agreed
my Light verse, is not so bad to read

And even worth a chuckle

Writingv 1.4


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