Bears and frustrations

I once bought you Paddington
he wore wellington boots
Or maybe he did not,
I know you were 27 or more
and wouldn’t let go of your inner child

We were on a shopping trip
and again you frustrated me,
but still made me smile
returning to the very first shop,
that we started with

Now I don’t see Paddington
or the bear I bought you
from the collections shop,
I haven’t seen your ponies
for at least three years

We started with the roses
I had sent to your work desk
and ended with the
non communication
That wise mother’s tell

I guess you have thrown
the ring away, the one
that did not quite fit,
and had to get adjusted
and then wait, to be posted
I have adjusted to
I rarely smile, but
the nights are so
uninteresting, without
your crazy Ideas
that I pulled apart

Laughing at how you thought
they would work,
they never did

I miss that Greek guy too,
in the restaurant, where we ate
while I wrote java, In a fever
usually reserved for my poetry

I didn’t write poetry in that year
I had you and that was enough

If you ever read this,
I will part with
Annie are you ok? – Yes I know you hate me using that one


6 thoughts on “Bears and frustrations”

    1. Michael Jackson not one of her fav’s. Glad you like it I just woke up this morning and no wit came about so this is what my fingers wrote instead 🙂

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