Writing jokes to Sigmund Freud


Writing jokes to Sigmund Freud
is not such a bright thing to do,
for a start it takes him two weeks
to reply, with a character assessment

With comments clearly stated
“You clearly have anxiety issues
with the Borg nation, and deep
rooted fears of assimilation”

They also come with invitation
to chat about all ones I wrote,
about matter and anti matter
clearly “about self annihilation”

He quotes, and there I was
thinking  I was, so bloody clever
but apparently I have developed
a obsessive disorder of the wit peddler

He further comments, that my joke
on fuzzy logic, has him most worried
about process’s of making decisions.

So it is I will post to Carl Jung,
I now need a second opinion.

Sigmund Freud


11 thoughts on “Writing jokes to Sigmund Freud”

  1. Following comment has adult humour – feel free to delete if you find it inappropriate:

    Original and very funny. Reminded me of the following:

    How many Freudian psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    One to change the bulb and one to hold his dick…CHAIR! I MEAN CHAIR!

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