Brass turtle racing

Brass turtle, brass turtle
your not moving so fast
but what can one expect
when your years have past

Being polished and pampered
to a high sheen,
ever so shiny
and impressively clean

But this race is hampered
when you and your twin,
won’t even start,
to even attentively begin

Brass turtle, brass turtle
I’m sure that you mock
not moving are you,
but I started the clock

The pistol was shot
did the smoke not alert,
but moving you’re not

Chequered flag is flung
but no one can win
not one had  begun

Brass turtle you cad
it would not  be bad

If you would just hobble

or hop

Brass turtle

Wow this one was so hard I just could not get motivated about the subjects, unmoving brass things.


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