Missed my usual morning schedule

Having missed my usual morning schedule and still writing one which may become longer than anticipated. I started to jot down some ideas for future pieces I may do.

Writing jokes to Sigmund Freud

use red wine here for your libations,
I can’t drink that anyway

Thirteen empty bottles of beer on the wall,
did you wonder on humpty’s fall


Oedipus complex

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I did your mother,
so did you!!
Oedipus complex,
in hues of blue



battles Prometheus
to warm

the wine and for sock repairs

The art of cockroach taming

Why brass turtles

never get to the finish line

Just how many holes does a teabag have

POcket flint and the cigarette filter

The singularity of entombment
in the pathos disco

Of course I may not decide on any of them, only time will tell


6 thoughts on “Missed my usual morning schedule”

    1. Thank you kindly and to think for the fist load of month’s I did nothing with this blog. You said “I would love to see what I was going to do” and here it is from madness to sadness

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