A moments pause

That seagull parody sure was fun to write, the only problem is I now have visions of angry seagull’s lining up on the fence. All with wings outstretched calling “Why did you vilify us? Mr Bruce”. Which is making writing now a real pain. The answer being because once on holiday in Devon they stole my chips – Swoop pluck gone, like an animal ninja assassin.

Well hopefully the objective of the piece was met and a lot of readers had a smirk or a smile. I have to admit I was half expecting an angry purist to have a go at me for not respecting a very fine and famous poem. Luckily this did not happen, if it did I would have to say “dude you need your humour checked out, by a doctor” Well I may do another parody later, I just haven’t decided yet. It all depends what banal thing I can find which I can put a comic twist on.

Minor interesting (or not so) facts about me

1) I don’t know what the rules of poetry are, I just go with the gut
2)I really can’t spell that well (mild dyslexia) and maths is right out
3)I don’t own a television not for a couple of years now – but there are on demand services, so it’s not like I am a complete hermit
4) Humour creeps in to 95% of what I write- but you noticed that right?
5)I am a bad poet (see 1) but gradually I am getting better
6) I listen more than I talk – so I hear the phrase “Cheer up Bruce!” Quite a lot


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